THRASS stands for the Teaching of Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills. This is the Tool we use at Bellaire to help of students become both skills readers and writers. Bellow we have included, and will continue to add to, a bank of resources that will be of use to you and your child.

Why do we use THRASS I hear you ask???

Graph – Letter.

Phoneme – Sound.

Graph – One letter spelling choice.  (cat – a like in the word ant)

Digraph – Two letter spelling choice. (look – oo like in the word book)

Trigraph – Three letter spelling choice. (fridgea like in the word bridge)

Phoneme Fist – The way we sound out words. You make a clenched fist and say the word twice. Each time you say the word you make out like you’re knocking on a door. Then you sound out the word and for each sound you lift a finger.

Here is an example of a phoneme fist for the word CAT.

Here are the sounds that will be sent home in your child’s blue folder for homework. They need to be able to say the sounds and the words. HINT – Try to learn the sounds randomly rather than in order. This will ensure that you child knows all the sounds individually and not just when they are in order. Also, try covering up the pictures so see if they know what sounds the letters make with out the picture clues.

Consonants Row 1

Consonants Row 2

Consonants Row 3

Consonants Row 4

Vowels Row 1

Vowels Row 2

Vowels Row 3

Vowels Row 4

The Thrass Chart

T-02: Picturechart (Class Size)

Image found on


This is what the Thrass Home work sheets look like.


When your child brings home one of these sheets, below is how we would like you to practice them.

What phoneme (sound) does the first box make?

What phoneme (sound) does the second box make?

What phoneme (sound) does the third box make?

Can you read the words to me? (point to random words so that they are not just being learnt in order).

For some more practice, you can ask…”Why is ____(picture) on the Thrass chart?” The answer would sound something like…”Kitten is on the Thrass chart because it has the letter k that makes the ‘k’ sound.

If you have any questions about THRASS, feel free to post a question below and one of the prep teachers will respond ASAP. Go on…I bet lots of other parents are wanting to know the same thing as you.

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